• UVA Darden report | 2 march 2018

    Envisioning a New Climate-Change Playbook: Darden Convenes Business and Policy Leaders for DC Innovation Summit

    The UVA Darden School's Batten Institute hosted the Jefferson Innovation Summit on 22 February 2018 in Washington, DC. More than 40 delegates met for a day of guided discussion and ideation, with a goal of developing a“policy playbook” to help unleash climate-focused innovation on a massive scale.

    UVA Darden Report | 9 January 2018

    Batten Briefing: Decarbonizing the Automobile Industry

    The UVA Darden School's Batten Institute released the first of a series of reports that explores whether decarbonization of key industry sectors can take place by 2060, limiting global warming and avoiding insurmountable global disruption.  

    Forbes | 7 June 2017

    Trump's Anti-Climate Stance Will Obstruct Green Innovation
    UVA Darden Professor Mike Lenox shares his thoughts on the potential impacts of the Trump Adminstration's exit from the Paris climate change agreement, the need for disruption across a broad range of sectors to push forward the clean energy agenda in lieu of federal support, and the opportunity for comprehensive green technology policy. 

    UVA Darden Report | 6 June 2017

    Business Innovation & Climate Change Initiative Panel Calls For Stronger 'Green Finance' 
    The UVA Darden School’s Batten Institute hosted a panel of experts to discuss investments made as well as the innovative strategies and initiatives pursued by the business community in response to evolving environmental realities. At the event, Darden Dean Scott Beardsley said climate change presents “an opportunity for business leaders to help improve the world.”  

    UVA Darden Report | 25 May 2017

    UVA Darden Launches Business Innovation and Climate Change Initiative
    The University of Virginia Darden School of Business has announced the launch of the Business Innovation and Climate Change Initiative, an ambitious new project spearheaded by Darden’s Batten Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation aimed at exploring how business innovation can be a source for pragmatic solutions to one of the world’s most urgent issues.