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Business Innovation and Climate Change Initiative

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Faculty, fellows and senior analysts are conducting high-impact, nonpartisan research on innovation and climate change issues at the intersection of business and public policy.

Guided by the thought leadership of Darden Professor Mike Lenox, co-author of Can Business Save the Earth, the initiative seeks to advance this research through case study collection, teaching materials, executive reports and briefings, and seminars.

The research below has been updated and expanded in a book titled The Decarbonization Imperative: Transforming the Global Economy by 2050

Path to 2060 Series: Decarbonizing Key Industry Sectors

Scientists assert that global warming must be kept below 2 degrees Celsius to avoid insurmountable global disruption. Getting there will require massive decarbonization of economic activity by 2060.

The Batten Institute has published a series of reports that explore technology innovation and the drivers behind the market disruption needed to decarbonize our economy.  We focus our research on those sectors that hold the most promise for innovation and significant reductions in carbon dioxide emissions, including: transportation, energy, industry and agriculture.


Industrials: Steel, Cement and Petrochemicals 

Energy: Electric Utilities

Transportation: Automobiles


Other Briefings and Research

Batten Briefing: Innovating for Sustainability: Challenges and Opportunities

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