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Personalize your experience. 

In the Part-Time MBA program, students take a total of 17 electives.

Electives are delivered primarily after the completion of the 18-month core curricular period. During the elective period, students choose how quickly or slowly they wish to complete their remaining credits as they advance towards the 60 credits required for graduation.  

In the Part-Time MBA program, students complete 34.5 credits during the core curricular period and 25.5 credits through electives. At Darden, most courses are 1.5 credits.  
Part-Time MBA students select from a slate of electives offered specifically for Part-Time students, and, during the elective period, students typically choose from a menu of 4-5 electives per quarter. Part-Time MBA students may also take electives offered to Executive MBA and Full-Time MBA students if space remains and students can make the course schedule and location work.

To see more detail about these courses, please visit the Course Directory on the Darden Registrar site. Part-Time MBA electives are labeled “PT-ELEC”

Recent Part-Time electives include:

  • Strategy in the Digital Age 
  • Telling Financial Stories 
  • Emerging and Frontier Markets 
  • EU and the World Economy 
  • Project Management 
  • Negotiations 
  • Financial Institutions & Markets 
  • Financial Crises 
  • Digital Operations 
  • Data Visualization and Analytics 
  • Building Experimentation Skills
  • Storytelling with Data
  • Leading with Influence
  • Effectual Entrepreneurship
  • Minds and Machines: Flourishing in Age of AI
  • Speaking About Business
  • Managerial Finance
  • Public Policy & Regulated Industries
  • Behavioral Decision Making
  • Market Leadership
  • CEO Leadership
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Corporate Financial Strategy
  • Strategy Execution
  • Impact Investing

Additional Elective Offerings

Electives are also offered during January term (J-term) beginning in the second year of the program. J-term is a short, 10-day term that occurs between the fall and spring semesters. Electives offered during this period are often held in a variety of locations – Charlottesville, Rosslyn and online.  

While a global course is not required, Part-Time MBA students may participate in a global elective offered during the fall of their second year. Recent Part-Time MBA global elective locations include Italy and Argentina. Part-Time MBA students have also joined Executive MBA global residencies.   

Focus Areas 

While Part-Time MBA students are not required to specialize at any point in the program, students may choose to pursue several focus areas: 
Data Analytics and Technology 
ESG and Social Impact 

Students who complete three electives in any of these areas will automatically receive a letter from the Registrar indicating they earned that focus area. Focus areas do not appear on a student’s transcript, but students may list this achievement on their resume and/or LinkedIn profile.