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Over the past five years, the number and range of scholarships Darden offers have risen significantly as a priority of Darden’s capital campaign Powered by Purpose

In addition to the scholarship opportunities listed below, Darden has a robust portfolio of merit scholarships. Consideration for merit scholarships takes place during the admissions process after your complete application has been submitted. No additional application is required.  

A variety of metrics and factors including academic ability, professional and personal achievements and potential to contribute to the community are considered. Selected candidates are notified at the time of admission decision release if in their admissions letter when a scholarship has been awarded. These scholarships, which are partial in nature, seek to recognize a recipient’s experience while investing in his or her future. 

In addition to Darden’s wide range of merit scholarships, we also encourage you to explore the scholarships opportunities below. 

  • Competitive Darden Scholarships recognize leadership talent and high promise in various areas and may require a supplemental application process, including:  
  • External Partner Organization Scholarships are offered by external organizations and partnership foundations, including:  
  • AccessDarden, a need-based scholarship program that awards need-based grants to qualified applicants.