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Additional Related Courses

Darden offers a collection of courses designed to help students prepare for their venture capital journeys. During the first year, students engage with the core curriculum and learn the fundamentals of business through rich case study discussions. After completing the core curriculum, students have the opportunity to take core electives, experiential learning courses, and other related courses in venture capital. The Fall Venture Capital Learning Series is open to all students, regardless of where they are in their MBA journey. The Venture Capital Learning series is highly recommended for first-years interested in building their venture capital skillset and knowledge base prior to their summer internship interviews.

Additional Related Courses

In addition to the primary courses and experiential learning offerings, there is a multitude of courses at Darden that support and further students’ venture capital journeys. A sample is below, and please refer to the specific course pages or Academic Areas for the most up-to-date information and details.


Related courses include Applied Security Analysis, Corporate Financing, Corporate Financial Restructuring, Corporate Financial Strategies, Hot Topics in Finance, Investments, Managerial Finance, and Valuation in Financial Markets


Related courses include Software Design, and Digital Product Management


Related courses include Competitive Dynamics, Strategic Corporate Governance, and Strategy in the Digital Age.

Global Economies and Markets

Related courses include Business-Government Relations, China in the World Economy, Global Industry Economics, Growth & Business in Emerging Markets, and India in the World Economy