The Darden Worldwide 2026 Strategic Plan

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The Darden Worldwide 2026 Strategic Plan

The Darden Worldwide 2026 strategic plan propels Darden as it seeks to reach the full potential of its mission and bolster its stature as a preeminent global business school. The plan is built around five complementary goals, with exceptional students, staff and faculty members providing the foundation for future growth and achievement; world-changing ideas spreading Darden idea and ideals across the globe; and best-in-class physical and digital infrastructure underpinning our capabilities.

Incorporating feedback from thousands of stakeholders — including alumni, students and faculty —Darden’s five strategic priorities, which were first articulated in 2016, include:

  1. Attracting exceptional students by delivering and enhancing the world’s best, most accessible global education with top ROI

  2. Attracting, retaining and developing diverse, world-class faculty and staff talent

  3. Advancing scholarly research and practitioner-relevant thought leadership

  4. Expanding competitive infrastructure, global band and network at UVA and beyond

  5. Expanding Darden resources, via outstanding executive education, advancement, technology and innovation

Central to our strategy was a vision for Darden, in the words of Dean Beardsley, ‘to achieve the full potential of our mission.’ Above all our peer business schools, we will be viewed as a positive force for the betterment of society, acting as an agent for change by developing and inspiring responsible leaders and by advancing knowledge.

Michael Lenox
Tayloe Murphy Professor of Business Administration Senior Associate Dean and Chief Strategy Officer
Darden Worldwide 2026

Darden Worldwide 2026

The Darden Worldwide 2026 plan is supported by Darden’s Powered by Purpose capital campaign. 

Read a recent update on the Darden Worldwide 2026 plan at its halfway point.