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Board of Trustees

The Darden School Foundation

The supportive relationship between the Darden School and the Darden School Foundation began with the initiative of business leaders who, under the guidance of former University President Colgate W. Darden Jr., secured the initial endowment funds necessary to found the School in the early 1950s.

The Darden School Foundation is an independent, nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation that was incorporated on 29 December 1952. The Foundation supports the Darden School and its academic mission by:

Darden School Foundation Board of Trustees

An elected Board of Trustees oversees the Foundation’s strategies, providing an important link between the academic and business communities.


Robert J. Hugin (MBA ’85) 
Retired, Chairman and CEO, Celgene Corporation

Vice Chair

Martina T. Hund-Mejean (MBA ’88) 
Retired, Chief Financial Officer, MasterCard Worldwide 

Immediate Past Chair

Elizabeth K. Weymouth (MBA ’94)
Founder and Managing Partner, Grafine Partners


Members 2020-21

Kirby C. Adams (MBA ’79) 
Retired, CEO, Tata Steel Europe

J. Andrew Bugas (MBA ’86)
Partner, Radar Partners

Wesley G. Bush
Retired, Chairman, Northrop Grumman Corp.

H. William Coogan Jr. (MBA ’82)
Retired, CEO & Chairman, Firstmark Corp. 

James A. Cooper (MBA ’84)
Senior Managing Partner and Founder, Thompson Street Capital Partners

Charles R. Cory (MBA/JD ’82)
Retired, Chairman of Global Technology Banking, Morgan Stanley & Co. Inc.

Robert G. Doumar Jr. (MBA/JD ’88)
Founder and Managing Partner, Park Square Capital LLP

Franklin S. Edmonds Jr. (MBA/JD ’95)
Partner, Panning Capital Management LP

Karen K. Edwards (MBA ’84)
Partner, Boyden Global Executive Search 

Arnold B. Evans (MBA/JD ’97) 
Enterprise Ethics Officer, SunTrust Bank

John D. Fowler Jr. (MBA/JD ’84)            
Vice Chair of Investment Banking, Wells Fargo Securities LLC

Catherine J. Friedman (MBA ’86) 
Independent Consultant 

John W. Glynn Jr.
Founder and Managing Director, Glynn Capital Management

Kirsti W. Goodwin (MBA ’02)
Managing Director, Tower 3 Investments 

Peter M. Grant II (MBA ’86)
Founding Partner, Anchormarck Holdings, LLC

Robert L. Huffines (MBA ’92)
Global Chairman, Investment Banking, JPMorgan Chase

David B. Kelso (MBA ’82)
Former Executive Vice President, Strategy and Finance, Aetna Inc.

Rosemary B. King (MBA ’91)
Chair, Global Heritage Fund

Mark J. Kington (MBA ’88)
Partner, Kington Management LLC

Lemuel E. Lewis (MBA ’72) 
Principal, Iv Media LLC

Elizabeth H. Lynch (MBA ’84) 
Senior Managing Director and Chief Human Resources Officer, Evercore 

Richard A. Mayo (MBA ’68)
Chairman and CEO, Game Creek Capital

Sachin J. Mehra (MBA ’96)
CFO, Mastercard Worldwide

Carolyn S. Miles (MBA ’88)
Former CEO, Save the Children

Donald E. Morel Jr. (TEP ’97) 
Managing Partner, Progenitor Capital LLC

J. Byrne Murphy (MBA ’86)
Chairman and Co-Owner, DigiPlex Group Companies

Adair B. Newhall (MBA ’09) 
Principal, Greenspring Associates

Michael E. O’Neill (MBA ’74) 
Retired, Chairman, Citigroup Inc.

G. Ruffner Page Jr. (MBA ’86)
President and CEO, McWane Inc.

Zhiyuan (Jerry) Peng (MBA ’03)
Global Strategy Officer, Sands Capital Management 

Frank M. Sands (MBA ’94) 
Chief Investment Officer and CEO, Sands Capital Management 

Frank M. Sands Sr. (MBA ’63) 
Founder, Sands Capital Management 
Henry F. Skelsey (MBA ’84) 
Co-Founder and Co-CEO, 3QU Media LLC

Erik A. Slingerland (MBA ’84)
Managing Partner, EAS International SA

Robert W. Smith (MBA ’87)
Retired, Vice President and Portfolio Manager, T. Rowe Price Co.

Shannon G. Smith (MBA ’90)
Founder & Chief Executive Officer, PointGuard

Mark J. Styslinger
Senior Vice President, Altec Inc.

Bruce R. Thompson (MBA ’90)
Vice Chairman; President, EU and Switzerland; CEO, BAMLI DAC, Bank of America

Lilo Simmons Ukrop (MBA ’89)
Visiting Lecturer, Darden School of Business

William P. Utt (MBA ’84) 
Retired, Chairman, President and CEO, KBR Inc. 

Steven C. Voorhees (MBA ’80)
CEO, WestRock

Ex-Officio Trustees

Scott C. Beardsley          
Dean, Darden School of Business 

Richard C. Edmunds (MBA ’92)
Principal, Strategy& PwC

Warren F. Estey (MBA ’98)
Vice Chairman, Deutsche Bank

Yael Grushka-Cockayne
Associate Professor, Darden School of Business

Michelle B. Horn (MBA ’95)
Chief People Officer and Senior Vice President, SoftBank Group

John C. Jeffries Jr.
Senior Vice President for Advancement and Professor of Law, University of Virginia

Naresh Kumra (MBA ’99)
Group Managing Director and CEO, JMATEK Ltd.

Jeanne M. Liedtka
United Technologies Corporation Professor of Business Administration, Darden School of Business  

Nicole McKinney Lindsay (MBA ’99/JD ’00)
Vice President, Strategy & Operations, Center for Inclusive Growth, Mastercard 

Jonathan D. Mariner 
Founder and President, TaxDay LLC

Patrick A. O'Shea (MBA ’86)
Chief Revenue Officer, ICmed LLC           

Alex R. Picou (MBA ’89)
Managing Director, J.P. Morgan Chase

Joaquin Rodriguez Torres (MBA ’01)
Managing Director, Princeville Global

James E. Ryan        
President, University of Virginia