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Speeches & Writings

A selection of recent writings and speeches from Dean Scott Beardsley to Darden students, faculty, alumni, and business and thought leaders.

Graduation Remarks — 18 May 2024

In his remarks to the Darden Class of 2024, Dean Scott Beardsley urged students to practice gratitude, invest in and believe in themselves, and set goals to continue learning and growing through life and careers.

Graduation Remarks — 21 May 2023

Dean Scott Beardsley discusses the value of time and appreciation for the moment.

The Forum Hotel Grand Opening — 26 April 2023

Dean Scott Beardsley welcomes the Darden, UVA and Charlottesville communities to the new Forum Hotel, operated by Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, on Darden Grounds.

Town Hall on UVA Shooting Tragedy 15 November 2022

Dean Scott Beardsley addresses the Darden community after the UVA shooting tragedy.

Graduation Remarks — 22 May 2022

At the first in-person graduation in two years, Dean Scott Beardsley discusses overcoming obstacles, learning to know oneself and knowing when to simply let things be.

Graduation Remarks — 23 May 2021

In two-part graduation, Dean Scott Beardsley delivers short remarks outdoors followed by his full address virtually.

A Time for Reflection, A Time for Action — 6 June 2020

Dean Scott Beardsley delivers a message to Darden faculty, staff and students condemning racism in all its forms and sharing a list of immediate actions the School is taking to improve the experience of Black members of the Darden community at all stages of their Darden lives.

Virtual Graduation Remarks — 16 May 2020

In an address delivered to the graduating Class of 2020 virtually amid the coronavirus pandemic, Dean Scott Beardsley celebrates the hard work, amazing accomplishments and indelible contributions of the class and looks forward to welcoming the School's newest alumni back to Grounds in the future.

Graduation Remarks — 19 May 2019 

In his graduation address to the Class of 2019, Dean Scott Beardsley introduces the concept of the “Vitruvian Leader” and reflects on how new graduates can achieve their full potential via a new model of leadership and four levers to consider for success. 

Graduation Remarks  20 May 2018

In his graduation address to the Class of 2018, Dean Scott Beardsley shares four keys to success and encourages graduates to pursue what the French call La Joie de Vivre.

Graduation Remarks — 21 May 2017

Dean Beardsley addresses the graduates of the Class of 2017, encouraging them to consider their “noble purpose” as they pursue professional paths, and to both “find your why” and “put your why to work.”

Graduation Remarks — 17 May 2016

In his first graduation address as dean, Dean Scott Beardsley encourages members of the Class of 2016 to learn to strike the balance that will lead to a career — and life — of fulfillment.

Higher Calling: The Rise of Nontraditional Leaders in Academia (UVA Press, September 2017) 

In his book, Dean Scott Beardsley offers a new vision of leadership for higher education today.