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Design Thinking & Innovation

Solve complex problems. Creatively.


Design Thinking

4 courses, 5 weeks/course, 3 hours/week

Learn design thinking competencies in an engaging hands-on, project-based format. Tackle a problem that you want to solve using tools from human-centered design, and take an in-depth journey through six key phases of the design thinking process.


Design Thinking: Discovery Tools

5 weeks, 3 hours/week

Use the most important tools from the field of human-centered design to generate ideas and connect with your customers on a human level: get beyond what they say and observe what they do.

Design Thinking for Innovation

5 weeks, 2 hours/week

Become an innovative thinker and uncover creative opportunities using our design thinking model to solve your most difficult problems.

Design Thinking for the Greater Good: Innovation in the Social Sector

4 weeks, 4 hours/week

Through global stories from government, health care and education, we’ll show you how design thinking tools, techniques and mindset can uncover creative solutions.

Design Thinking: Ideas to Action

5 weeks, 3 hours/week

Continue the design thinking process begun in the Insights to Inspiration course, brainstorming in new and creative ways to generate solutions to your challenge, and synthesizing ideas into important concepts.

Design Thinking: Insights to Inspiration

5 weeks, 3 hours/week

Discover the design thinking process through this project-based course, in which you will identify a human-centered problem that you want to solve.

Experiencing Design: Deepening Your Design Thinking Practice

4 weeks, 2–4 hours/week

Explore how design thinking impacts innovators by inviting them to bring their authentic selves into the innovation conversation, examine key behaviors that bridge the gap from beginner to competency, and deepen the skills that will allow you to achieve design thinking's transformational promise.