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Agile Development

4 courses, 4 weeks/course, 4 hours/week

Transform your business using the principles and practice of agile. Learn to coordinate all aspects of the agile development process (running design sprints, managing teams, fostering a culture of experimentation), then apply what you've learned to guide a real-world software development project to successful completion.


Agile Meets Design Thinking

4 weeks, 4 hours/week

Learn a different approach to product development, one that relies on creating a strong shared perspective and results in valuable solutions to meaningful problems.

Continuous Delivery & DevOps

4 weeks, 3 hours/week

Develop an interdisciplinary skill set that will allow you to cultivate a continuous deployment capability in your organization.

Customer-Centric IT Strategy

2 weeks, 2 hours/week

Discover major challenges within corporate IT and how to address them with the use of design thinking, Lean Startup and agile framework.

Digital Product Management: Modern Fundamentals

4 weeks, 6 hours/week

Charter a direction and create a successful working environment and the actionable focus to successfully manage your product, focus your work using modern product management methods, manage new products and explore new product ideas.

Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management

4 weeks, 4 hours/week

Run your projects more effectively and efficiently through planning principles, execution methods and frameworks for scoping projects, sequencing activities, utilizing resources and minimizing risks.

Innovating With the Business Model Canvas

2 weeks, 2 hours/week

Improve your focus and ability to quickly test solutions using  tools from the worlds of design thinking and Lean Startup to approach the Business Model Canvas and drive innovation.

Managing an Agile Team

4 weeks, 4 hours/week

Develop skills to facilitate your team’s initial and ongoing adoption of agile practices and to manage stakeholders.

Running Product Design Sprints

4 weeks, 4 hours/week

Avoid waste and deliver value sooner: Learn how to plan, sell, and conduct design sprints that deliver valuable, actionable insights. 

Testing With Agile

4 weeks, 4 hours/week

Expand your ability to deliver agile outcomes by learning to create a culture of experimentation and integrate the practice of experimentation across concept and feature testing, usability testing and testing the software itself.

Understanding Your Data: Analytical Tools

3 weeks, 2 hours/week

Learn how to conduct multilevel analyses using real data and discover the tools you need to analyze and interpret the results of the datasets you collect as a researcher.