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The Darden Approach

How we teach and learn.

Opinions change. 

Economies shift. Rankings rank.


Understanding the world's current and future expectations of responsible business and leadership. At Darden, learners are encouraged to pursue their 'why' — their passion or personal challenge — to develop the modern leader within. 

Darden's learning and teaching method — differentiated by a spontaneous yet deliberate classroom and the intensity of the experience — results in unparalleled preparation for leadership and career success.

Gain the skills
employers value most.

The Darden experience simulates the performance pressures of modern business and the analytical rigor required to navigate them.

Darden Approach classroom

Through Darden's signature case method and experiential learning, you will grapple with real-world challenges facing leading organizations and be asked to analyze, synthesize and make decisions with incomplete information. Your faculty guides will orchestrate conversations between you and your classmates, drawing out the wisdom in the room to arrive at the best solution. You will emerge with the skills employers value most, such as:

  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Leadership and management skills
  • Critical thinking and reasoning

“In an era of rapid change, what you know can obsolesce quickly. How you learn is key to effective leadership in the future. Darden teaches you how to learn — for life.”

Sankaran Venkataraman
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Research

Purpose Travels Well.

Global reach and relevance are key tenets of Darden. With a network of 17,000 alumni in 90 countries, Darden delivers opportunities for student, faculty and organizational learning across the globe. The Darden Batten Worldwide Scholarship ensures that every full-time MBA student can take advantage of study in 40-plus locations across two dozen countries. 

About Approach community

A Community of Trust 

Darden’s diverse and inclusive community of trust is anchored by a dedication to leading lives of honor and purpose and active participation in UVA’s Honor System. At Darden, the bright-minded converge on the foremost matters of our time, honing where, when and how best to channel their purposes for both business and social transformation.