Why Darden?

About Darden

About - Why Darden?

Why Darden?

At Darden, we empower agile, creative and critical thinkers to be catalysts for business and social transformation, globally.

A five-pillared philosophy guides our approach. 

  1. Our spontaneous yet deliberate learning experience promotes the development of an influential voice and fosters confidence in the face of uncertainty. 

  2. The concentrated and purposeful intensity of experience simulates the performance pressures of modern, global business. 

  3. High intellectual and emotional engagement creates a culture of mutual respect and positive intent.

  4. Commitment to immediacy and proximity to business practice makes a near-term impact for people and organizations. 

  5. A dedication to honor and purpose anchors Darden's diverse and inclusive community, which actively participates in UVA's Honor System

Advance a passion.
Advance a position.


A Prestigious Education

Best Education Experience in U.S. (The Economist, 2011-19)
Faculty (The Princeton Review, 2017-19; Financial Times, 2014-18)
Satisfaction With MBA Education (Forbes, 2017-18)
General Management Program (Financial Times, 2013-17, 2019)
Campus Environment (The Princeton Review, 2017)

Darden's Full-Time MBA is ranked in the Top 10 by Bloomberg Businessweek.

Need more incredible reasons to choose Darden?

Why Darden global network

A Dynamic and Global Network

Darden’s diverse, collaborative community culminates in a global network of 17,000 alumni in 90 countries. Connections to top executives and their organizations bridge Darden to the world and the world to Darden.

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Powered by Purpose

Darden's record-breaking fundraising sets the stage for the School's "Powered by Purpose" campaign that launched in October 2019, in support of UVA's $5 billion "Honor the Future" campaign to celebrate its Bicentennial.

What makes a good company?
Good company.

Darden alumni lead organizations with purpose, building on a mastery of business tools and concepts, the pursuit of lifelong learning, and holistic leadership skills that empower them to make an impact and flourish in the unknown. More than 1,700 Darden alumni currently serve as CEO, president, board chair, owner or founder.

Scott Price (MBA/MA ’90)

Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer, UPS

Hoyoung Ban

Hoyoung Ban (MBA ’11)

Co-founder and CEO, Neofect

Valerie Camillo (MBA ’00)

President, Business Operations, Philadelphia Flyers & Wells Fargo Center

Ideas that improve the world.

  • Business, Ethics & Society


    Ethics is to Darden as values are to value: inseparable. As one of the first business schools to require the coursework, Darden sees that ethics influence our future leaders fundamentally. Read Darden Ideas to Action to see how responsible business can inch the world forward.

  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology


    Darden is where entrepreneurial spirits develop into entrepreneurial minds, sharing the profits of a robust network of founders, scholars and innovators. Regular bootcamps, conferences and an on-campus incubator enable students to innovate in full stride. Explore our entrepreneurship, innovation and technology offerings through the Batten Institute.

  • Effective Modern Leadership


    Not all managers are leaders. The Darden approach is designed to graduate future-ready students primed to make an impact and flourish in the unknown. Through Executive Education, Darden shapes modern global leaders who seek to improve the world, their team and themselves in equal measure.

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