Management Development Program: Leading in the Digital Age

Management Development Program: Leading in the Digital Age

Hybrid Program

Management Development Program: Leading in the Digital Age

The Management Development Program: Leading in the Digital Age will help you gain an enterprise perspective to make more informed, strategic decisions for driving organizational growth and transformation.


Management Development Program: Leading in the Digital Age will help you gain an enterprise perspective to make more informed, strategic decisions for driving organizational growth and transformation.

  • Prepare for executive leadership by broadening your understanding of how all aspects of your organization can work together.
  • Manage and leverage disruption while leading digital transformation within your organization.
  • Build a portfolio of proven strategies to grow profits, improve efficiency, inspire employees and promote collaboration between teams.
  • Discover the connection between wellness, energy management and performance, and learn how be your best self.
  • Embrace the many interconnected roles you play as a Modern Global Leader, and how each is critical to your success.

Intended For

Senior Management, Executive


Comprehensive, Innovation, Leadership


Hybrid Program

Features both digital and in-person sessions


Available Dates

1 Dec 2019 - 6 Mar 2020
6 Jan - 22 May 2020


Charlottesville, VA
Washington, D.C., Area




Two 1-week residencies, virtual intersession modules

Program Overview

Management Development Program: Leading in the Digital Age is designed for high-potential, experienced managers who demonstrate the capability to lead at the highest levels. Virtual and in-person modules, a digital transformation project and a cross-functional, enterprise perspective of management make this a powerful next step in your leadership development. It's a six-month, integrated learning experience carefully engineered to create an immediate impact.

Be Prepared To...

  • Deepen expertise in accounting, finance, operations, strategy and marketing.
  • Learn to formulate strategies to manage the most complex challenges facing businesses today, including organizational change, a fluctuating global economy, digital disruptors such as fintech and blockchain and competition from established and emerging players.
  • Get a personalized leadership assessment and mind/body wellness profile that will reveal the character strengths and lifestyle habits that will help you achieve and sustain peak performance.
  • Participate in optional daily wellness activities to kickstart your lifestyle changes.
  • Explore challenges and best practices with your network of peers, and identify opportunities to apply them to your own organization.

Program Flow

1 December 2019-6 March 2020

  • Available starting 31 Oct 2019 - Virtual Module (Optional)
  • 1–6 Dec 2019 - In-Person Immersion
  • 7 Dec 2019–28 Feb 2020 - Virtual Module
  • 1–6 Mar 2020 - In-Person Immersion

Opening Session- meet your faculty and cohort, get an overview of the program structure and dive right in to begin applying new concepts 


Module 1 - Optional Virtual Module, Strongly Recommended
Available starting 31 Oct 
Strengthening Your Core

  • Work weekly to prepare for the extended learning journey
  • Hone your financial literacy
  • Build on the foundations of strategy to expand your ability to think more strategically and analytically
  • Improve your decision quality with data analytics
  • Learn to communicate more effectively to create organizational alignment
  • Leverage customer insights to identify unmet needs and create competitive advantage
  • Assess the competitive position of your own organization

Integrating and Applying

Module 2 - In-person Immersion 
1–6 Dec 
Integrating and Applying

  • Integrate learnings from virtual core module
  • Challenge assumptions & learn the power of data visualization
  • Leverage data analytics to drive change
  • Learn the principles of a digital transformation strategy
  • Prepare for your virtual team project

Digital Transformation Project

Module 3 - Virtual
Business Challenge Project
If your organization is bringing a team, ask about working together to analyze your own company around a strategic challenge or opportunity

  • Design a challenge project working virtually with your team
  • Collaborate with a faculty mentor to develop your team's approach
  • Intersperse working sessions with synchronous updates on current digital transformation and/or other strategy concepts
  • Learn the finer points of working effectively across virtual teams

Putting Plans Into Action

Module 4 - In-person Immersion 
March 1–6

Putting Plans Into Action

  • Formulate more persuasive presentations that effectively influence and align stakeholders
  • Master digital strategy concepts like blockchain, cybersecurity, AI and machine learning
  • Mobilize your team to drive exceptional results
  • Envision how digital disruption and advanced analytics can be leveraged as an advantage for your organization
  • Develop confidence in the quality of your decision-making
  • Take advantage of individual coaching to identify your personal strengths and leadership style

Outcomes & Impact

  • Develop a 360° view of your organization, gauging impact of external forces in achieving business objectives.
  • Lead, innovate and navigate through ambiguity, considering impact to the entire organization.
  • Leverage digital technology and data analytics to improve processes, creating greater value through innovative thinking and actions.
  • Understand the interconnection between strategy and financial performance, examining how and why key metrics link to organizational strategy.
  • Identify and seize strategic opportunities to drive change and growth.
  • Effectively engage with and influence stakeholders to create alignment around new strategic initiatives.
  • Cultivate a high-performance culture within your organization.
  • Supercharge your personal and professional development in tandem with that of your organization.


If you complete all of the digital and in-person modules for the Management Development Program: Leading in the Digital Age program, you will earn the full four credits to receive a Certificate in Management.


This program is designed for mid- to senior-level managers who are undertaking more cross-functional leadership roles at the executive level.


Paul Simko

Paul J. Simko

Associate Professor of Business Administration

Robert L. Carraway

Robert L. Carraway

Associate Professor of Business Administration

Michael Lenox

Michael Lenox

Tayloe Murphy Professor of Business Administration, Senior Associate Dean and Chief Strategy Officer

Rajumar Venkatesan

Rajkumar Venkatesan

Ronald Trzcinski Professor of Business Administration

June A. West

June A. West

Associate Professor of Business Administration

Joseph W. Harder

Joseph W. Harder

Adjunct Associate Professor

Jolene Bodily

Jolene Bodily

Wellness Program Coordinator, Darden School , Health Risk Reduction Services Coordinator, UVA Health System


The In-Person Immersions will be hosted at Darden Grounds in Charlottesville and the Washington, D.C., area, with one week held at each location. The virtual modules will be hosted through synchronous and asynchronous sessions online. 

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