2017 Academic and Practitioner Symposium on Mutual Funds and ETFs

  • 2017 Academic symposium resized

    Co-hosted by the Investment Company Institute and the Richard A. Mayo Center for Asset Management, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia. Please mark your calendars now! 

    Symposium Date and Location

    29 September 2017
    CEB Waterview Conference Center
    Arlington, Virginia
    (Easy access from Dulles International Airport and Reagan National Airport)


    Formal invitations, registration information, and an agenda will be emailed July 2017.

    Keynote Speaker: CFA Institute Sponsored Luncheon 

    Joe Sullivan, Chairman and CEO, Legg Mason, Inc.

    cfa logo 3Joseph A. Sullivan is chairman and CEO of Legg Mason Inc., a global asset management firm with $745 billion in assets under management. Sullivan is the recipient of the 2017 “Fund Leader of the Year” award from Pageant Media and Fund Action, recognizing his innovation and contributions to the mutual fund industry. He has more than 35 years of industry experience, having held executive roles at Legg Mason Wood Walker, Dain Bosworth, and Piper Jaffray.


    The one-day conference will consist of a lunch-time keynote speaker, two panel discussions and four invited academic papers. Academic papers will be presented by the author and will have a practitioner discussant and an academic discussant. A copy of the conference program can be found here.

    Panel Topics

    • The Rise of ETFs: Implications for the Structure of the Fund Industry 
    • Common Ownership and its Implications for Financial Markets

    Papers to be Discussed


    • Practitioners from major mutual fund and ETF providers 
    • Academics whose research focuses on asset management 
    • Regulators and policymakers from SEC, Treasury, and others


    Aaron Fernstrom

    Shelly Antoniewicz