Servant Leadership: A Path to High Performance

Servant Leadership

In-Person Program

Servant Leadership: A Path to High Performance

Optimize performance by helping others achieve their potential.


Ensure sustainable success by leading through your team, supporting their development and engaging with people at a deeper level.

  • Embody your values in your behavior and interactions, increasing trust with employees, partners and customers.
  • Cultivate an environment of transparency around organizational strategy and performance to encourage support for and dedication to organizational goals.
  • Discover and develop new, innovative directions through collaboration when everyone has equal input.

Intended For

Team Leader, Senior Management, Executive



Available Dates

17-22 May 2020
16-21 May 2021


Charlottesville, VA




6 days

Program Overview

Refine your natural management inclinations with individual coaching and discover how empathy, communication and encouragement can drive your team in extraordinary new directions. 

  • Examine your unchallenged assumptions about direct report management. 
  • Discover the difference between obedience and engagement and build new habits that encourage others to achieve the highest good.
  • Develop easy ways to welcome high-level conversations with direct reports, customers and suppliers
  • Learn how to relax the tension of self-preservation in favor of thoughtfulness, empathy and willingness to listen

Impact & Outcomes

  • Develop your best ideas with collaborative input and without undue attachment to their execution
  • Move beyond compensatory standards of risk and reward by cultivating an atmosphere of support and respect
  • Lead your team through stressful projects while remaining thoughtful, empathetic and inclusive
  • Let go of control and allow others to do their jobs more effectively and happily


This program counts as one credit toward a Darden Certificate in Leadership. Complete this program and earn three additional credits for a total of four credits within a four-year period to earn your certificate. 


This course is designed for leaders and practicing senior managers who translate corporate strategy into operational performance among private and public companies, not-for-profits, NGOs and educational and health systems.


Andy Wicks

Andrew C. Wicks

Ruffin Professor of Business Administration, Director, Olsson Center for Applied Ethics; Director, Doctoral Program

Edward D. Hess

Edward D. Hess

Professor of Business Administration, Batten Executive-in-Residence, Batten Faculty Fellow

Alexander B. Horniman

Alexander B. Horniman

Killgallon Ohio Art Professor of Business Administration, Senior Fellow, Olsson Center for Applied Ethics

Sankaran Venkataraman

Sankaran Venkataraman

MasterCard Professor of Business Administration, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Research


Darden School of Business  
100 Darden Blvd.  
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

As a participant of this program, accommodations and most meals are included in your program fee.

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