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Our #1 ranked professors create an engaging and empowering classroom environment. During case discussions, they will ask the hard questions, capture nuggets of wisdom from you and your classmates, and challenge you to “tell us more” — driving toward a decision. 

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Jim Detert

Associate Dean

Jim Detert

Professor of Business Administration, Associate Dean for
Executive Degree Programs

Decision Analysis — Part I Robert Carraway
Decision Analysis – Part II Manel Baucells 
Operations Management – Part I Raul Chao 
Operations Management – Part II Elliott Weiss 
Financial Management and Policies – Part I Robert Conroy
Financial Management and Policies – Part II Robert Harris
Global Economies and Markets – Part I Peter Debaere
Global Economies and Markets – Part II Dennis Yang 
Accounting for Managers – Part I Paul Simko 
Accounting for Managers – Part II Shane Dikolli 
Strategic Thinking and Action

Jared Harris 

Scott Snell 

Leading Organizations – Part I  Morela Hernandez
Leading Organizations – Part II Lynn Isabella 
Management Communication Elizabeth Powell 
Marketing – Part I 

Rajkumar Venkatesan

Ronald Wilcox 

Marketing – Part II Rajkumar Venkatesan 
Business Ethics  Andrew Wicks 
Professional Advancement Course Connie Dunlop 

Business School Faculty and Executive MBA Students