Daniel Murphy

Daniel Murphy

Assistant Professor of Business Administration


FOB 158

Education: B.S., University of Notre Dame; M.A., University of Michigan; Ph.D., University of Michigan

Assistant Professor Daniel Murphy joined the Global Economies and Markets area in the Summer of 2013 after receiving his Ph.D. in economics and public policy at the University of Michigan. Murphy's work focuses on the nature of consumer demand and its implications for market outcomes. His research addresses issues in international and macroeconomics, including the determinants of cross-country price differences, the causes of fluctuations in the price of crude oil and the consequences of asymmetric economic growth.

Prior to joining Darden, Murphy was a National Hunger Fellow and a research associate at the Urban Institute.

Selected Publications

Murphy, Daniel "The Role of Inventories and Speculative Trading in the Global Market for Crude Oil," Journal of Applied Econometrics, Vol. 29, No. 3, 454-478.

Murphy, Daniel "Excess Capacity in a Fixed Cost Economy", forthcoming, European Economic Review.

Murphy, Daniel "Welfare Consequences of Asymmetric Growth", Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 126 (2016):1-17.Lead article.

Murphy, Daniel "How Can Government Spending Stimulate Consumption?", Review of Economic Dynamics, 18 (2015):551-574.

Murphy, Daniel "Why Agnostic Sign Restrictions Are Not Enough: Understanding the Dynamics of Oil market VAR Models" (with Lutz Kilian), Journal of the European Economic Association (2012), 10(5): 1166-1188.

Murphy, Daniel "Why Do Boomers Plan To Work Longer?" (with Gordon Mermin and Richard Johnson), Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences (2007), 62B (5): S286-S294.


Case Studies

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Daniel Murphy's cases are available in the Darden Business Publishing website.