Andrew Sell

Andrew Sell

Associate Director, Research Initiatives, Institute for Business in Society


Library 211D

Education: B.S., University of Minnesota; M.B.A., University of Minnesota

Andrew Sell is an associate director for research initiatives at the Institute for Business in Society. In this role, he supports a broad range of faculty research activities including research plan development, survey and experiment design, data collection, dataset construction, statistical analysis, and publication writing.

Andrew has over 15 years of experience with academic and market research. Prior to joining Darden, Andrew supported faculty research at the University of Minnesota for over a decade. He also spent several years at a consulting firm providing business owners and C-suite executives with data-driven customer insights. In addition, he has developed survey methodology expertise and has trained professionals, presented at conferences, and published on this topic.

Publications and Datasets:

Hofelich Mohr, A., Sell, A., & Lindsay, T. (2016). Thinking Inside the Box: Data from an Online Alternative Uses Task with Visual Manipulation of the Survey Response Box [Data set].

Mohr, A. H., Sell, A., & Lindsay, T. (2015). Thinking Inside the Box: Visual Design of the Response Box Affects Creative Divergent Thinking in an Online Survey. Social Science Computer Review.

Reports and Thought Leadership:

Sell, Andrew, & Kim, Dennie. 2020. "Retail Health Clinic Leaders Help Flatten the Curve of COVID-19." Ideas to Action. April 10.

Sell, Andrew. 2020. "How a Stakeholder Approach to Community Improvement is an Award-Winning Endeavor." Ideas to Action. February 6.

Supported Research:

Freeman, R.E., Parmar, B.L., & Martin, K. (2020). The Power of And: Responsible Business Without Trade-Offs. Columbia University Press.

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