James R. Freeland

Sponsors Professor Emeritus of Business Administration


FOB 128

Areas of Expertise

Operations Management, Behavioral Operations, Economic and Opportunity Inequality

Education: B.S.I.E., Bradley University; MSIE, Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology

Sponsors Professor Emeritus of Business Administration James R. Freeland taught in the Technology and Operations Management area at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business for 40 years. He was involved in the required teaching programs in the MBA full-time program and EMBA and electives in operations and ethics. He joined the Darden Faculty in 1979. From 1993 to 2012, he served in the Dean's Office as senior associate dean for faculty and research, where he was chief strategist for faculty and research matters. Major accomplishments during his 19 years in the Dean's Office include hiring over 61 new faculty, increasing the diversity of the Darden faculty substantially, having Darden consistently rated as the best teaching faculty, significantly increasing the research productivity, and promoting evidence-based decision-making to create a climate of equity and transparency for the faculty.

Freeland is the author of numerous technical and managerial papers in management science. Most recently he has been involved with Professor Ed Freeman in teaching an elective in the area of economic and opportunity inequality. His research focuses on understanding the causes and effects of economic inequality and how business can alleviate the negative effects of it. Before coming to Darden, Freeland taught at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Georgia Institute of Technology.


Selected Publications

Freeland, J. and Carraway, R.. MBA Training in Operations Management and Quantitative Methods. Interfaces, (July-August, 1989).

Freeland, J. and Bodily, S.. A Simulation of Techniques for Forecasting Shipments Using Firm Orders to Date. Journal of Operational Research Quarterly, (1988).

Freeland, J. and Porteus, E.. Evaluating the Effectiveness of a New Method for Computing Approximately Optimal (s,S) Inventory Policies. Operations Research, (March April, 1980).

Freeland, J. and Bonini, C.. Forecasting by Smoothed Regression: Development and an Application to Predicting Customers' Utility Bills. Management Science on Forecasting, (Special Issue, 1979).

Freeland, J. and Stabell, C. Allocation of Managerial Effort: An Investigation of the Relationship between Decision Strategies, Environment and Performance. Behavioral Science, (July, 1978).

Freeland, J. and Moore, J.. Implications of Resource Directive Allocation Models for Organizational Design. Management Science, (June, 1977).

Freeland, J.. A Note on Goal Decomposition in a Decentralized Organization.Management Science, (September, 1976).

Freeland, J. and Baker, R.. Recent Advances in R & D Benefit Measurement and Project Selection Methods. Management Science, (June, 1975).

Freeland, J. and Baker, R.. Structuring Information Flow to Enhance Innovation.Management Science, (September, 1972).


Case Studies

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James R. Freeland's cases are available in the Darden Business Publishing website.