Ornuma (Orn) Wawsri

Director, BRAD Lab


LIB 072

Ornuma Wawsri is the director of the Behavioral Research at Darden (BRAD) Lab, a university-wide behavioral research lab, part of the Convergent Behavioral Science Initiative. She is responsible for the organization and operation of this university-wide resource. She collaborates with a wide variety of faculty, research staff, doctoral students, and postdoctoral researchers at Darden and across Grounds on all aspects of conducting behavioral research activities. She earned her Master of Business Administration degree from Assumption University, Thailand. 

Prior to joining BRAD Lab, she was the assistant director of the Clinical Skills Center at the School of Medicine, where she trained standardized patients to portray subjects in a medical simulation for teaching and evaluating medical students on their clinical skills. After that she joined the Medical Simulation Center, where she used cutting-edge medical technology and cooked blood to help medical students prepare for real-life situations.