William W. Sihler

William W. Sihler

Ronald Edward Trzcinski Professor of Business Administration Emeritus

Academic Area

Areas of Expertise

Financial Management, Financial Service Organizations, Small-Enterprise Finance, Turnarounds and Workouts

Education:  A.B., MBA, DBA, Harvard University

Ronald E. Trzcinski Professor of Business Administration Emeritus William W. Sihler taught in the Finance area at Darden. He prepared many cases and wrote numerous books and articles on corporate financial management and financial service organizations. He also provided management and educational counseling to a variety of businesses and financial institutions.

Prior to joining the Darden faculty in 1967, Sihler taught at Harvard Business School.

Selected Publications

Sihler, William W. "The Old Bottle's Gone," white paper published by The Risk Management Association, May 2012.

P. Henry Mueller and  William W. SihlerRealism in Lending: Anchor Your Bank in a Sound Credit Culture, Risk Management Association, Morristown, NJ, (2011).


Case Studies

Advancing knowledge through research that shapes business, Darden professors are recognized thought leaders in their fields. They are not only master case method teachers, they also author many of the cases used in Darden classrooms and around the world.

William W. Sihler's cases are available in the Darden Business Publishing website.