Introduction to Digital Transformation

Intro to Digital Transformation

Self-Paced Online

Introduction to Digital Transformation

Learn how to leverage new technologies to fundamentally transform business processes, culture and customer experience to meet changing market demands.


While COVID has accelerated the pace of digital transformation, increasing technological advancement and industry disruption has made it critical for businesses to operate and compete in a digital environment. This program provides tools and insights on how to harness digital technologies to transform your career, your people and your company infrastructure to stay ahead of change, remain competitive and prepare for the digital future.

This program is hosted entirely online and primarily self-paced, with a live faculty session to be scheduled toward the end of the program. Participants should expect to spend approximately 2-4 hours per week on coursework.

Intended For

Team Leader, Senior Management, Executive


Innovation, Strategy

Available Dates

4 Apr - 13 May 2022





6 weeks

Course Overview

Introduction to Digital Transformation provides access to Darden’s top-ranked faculty in strategy, marketing, finance, and technology and operations management to learn the skills that are in demand across every industry. You'll get a critical overview of digital transformation and how to lead transformation the right way. Gain a better understanding of the evolving digital environment, the technologies required to drive strategy and growth in the digital age, and how transformation impacts every facet and function of your business. This accessible, affordable program is a timely investment to help your business respond to today’s challenges and be ready for tomorrow’s.

Modules and key topics include:

  • The Digital Revolution
    • Exponential Evolution of Technology
    • Changing Basis of Competition
    • Deconstructing the Value Chain
  • The Economics of Digital Disruption
    • The Five Domains of Digital Transformation
    • Environmental Analysis & the Competitive Life Cycle
  • The Path to Digitization
    • Mapping Your Digital Transformation
    • Leveraging Ecosystems
  • Digital Infrastructure
    • Data Integrity
    • Digital Platforms
  • Digital Technologies
    • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    • Wisdom of Crowds
    • Blockchain
    • Internet of Things
  • Digital Business Functions
    • Digital Marketing
    • Digital Finance
    • Digital Operations
    • Digital Communications



Mid to senior-level business leaders who need to help drive transformation within their organizations, including operations managers and executives, network and cyber/information security engineers, financial managers, project managers, and human resources managers.


Impact & Outcomes

  • Build a digital infrastructure to store, protect and analyze data.
  • Leverage data analytics to build agility, drive growth and optimize the consumer experience.
  • Harness emerging technologies and techniques such as AI, blockchain, crowdsourcing and Internet of Things to create a competitive advantage.
  • Explore how technology can transform the functions across your organization.
  • Navigate the underlying drivers and economics of innovation and technological change to manage transformation.


Michael Lenox

Michael Lenox

Tayloe Murphy Professor of Business Administration, Senior Associate Dean and Chief Strategy Officer

Yael-Grushka-Cockayne_faculty-bio_1x1 thumbnail

Yael Grushka-Cockayne

Professor of Business Administration, Altec Styslinger Foundation Bicentennial Chair in Business Administration, Senior Associate Dean for Professional Degree Programs

Raj-Venkatesan faculty-bio_1x1 thumbnail

Rajkumar Venkatesan

Ronald Trzcinski Professor of Business Administration


Alex Cowan

Academic General Faculty

Elena-Loutskina_faculty-bio_1x1 thumbnail

Elena Loutskina

Professor of Business Administration, Peter M. Grant II Bicentennial Foundation Chair in Business Administration

Doug Thomas

Doug Thomas

Henry E. McWane Professor of Business Administration

Anthony Palomba thumbnail image

Anthony Palomba

Visiting Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Roshni Raveendhran

Roshni Raveendhran

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

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