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Fanny Mei

Fanny Mei Class of 2023

Ask me about: MBA/M.Ed Dual Degree, Graduate Women in Business, Net Impact

U.S. Northeast
Peter Nwaoba

Peter Nwaoba Class of 2023

Nigeria Ask me about: Soccer, Darden Africa Business Organization, C-ville restaurants!

Kalpit Patne

Kalpit Patne Class of 2024

India Ask me about: Settling-in at Charlottesville, Being an international student, Life at Darden

Tommy Monahan

Tommy Monahan Class of 2024

Ask me about: Being a re-applicant, Darden Golf Club, Community Consultants of Darden

U.S. Mid-Atlantic
Connor Orth

Connor Orth Class of 2023

Ask me about: Recruiting for consulting, Wine and Cuisine Club (WACC), or life in Charlottesville in general

US. Midwest
Rebecca Dragnett

Rebecca Dragnett Class of 2024

Ask me about: Consulting Club, Where to live around Charlottesville, Partners and families

U.S. South
Roberto Celestino

Roberto Celestino Class of 2024

Brazil Ask me about: MBA/M.Ed Dual Degree, Latin American Student Association, Public Speaking

Latin America/Caribbean