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Darden recognizes academic and professional excellence through scholarship awards. Competitive scholarships are intended to reward demonstrated exemplary ability and are one tool we use to help attract top students. Through these awards, the Darden School seeks to recognize a recipient's experience while investing in their future.

Most of Darden’s merit-based scholarships do not require an additional application. If admitted, students will be evaluated for available scholarships, which are competitively awarded based on a variety of metrics and considerations.

Some scholarships, such as the Jefferson Fellowships and Batten Scholars programs, require a supplemental application.

In addition, third-party scholarships and fellowships are independently offered and awarded by the University of Virginia Darden School Foundation (and other third-party scholarship providers). Examples of these non-University awarded scholarships can be found below.

Typically, students will learn of any scholarship offer simultaneous with the offer of admission.

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