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Batten Scholars

The Batten Scholars program supports scholarships for students across all degree formats, including scholarships that provide full tuition and fees for students admitted to Darden's Full-Time MBA program. This highly competitive program is sponsored and administered by the Batten Institute, a Darden center of excellence focused on entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology. In addition to substantial scholarship awards, the cohort-based program has multiple components to help Scholars pursue their purpose and goals, such as enrichment opportunities, curated conversations, special events, and connections to fellow Scholars, alumni, staff, and faculty. 

All candidates for the Batten Scholars program are expected to have demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit, strong leadership skills, and a drive to innovate, as well as a deep commitment to career and learning goals that align with the entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology focus areas of the Batten Institute.  

Applying for a Batten Scholarship

Prospective students interested in being considered for this scholarship must submit a supplemental essay as part of the application for Darden's Full-Time MBA program. Applicants should develop an essay that addresses how they meet the criteria of the program, how they would contribute to the Darden community, and how the award would further their career ambitions in entrepreneurship, innovation, or technology. Selected candidates will be invited to interview for the Batten Scholars program at the time of admission decision. 

To be considered, candidates must submit a 500-word essay as a part of their Darden application. High-potential candidates should use the essay to describe their experience in one of the three areas below. In addition, strong candidates should address how they intend to contribute to the Darden community at large. 


Batten Entrepreneurial Scholars are problem-solvers with an eye for opportunity. Their essays should include: 

  • Evidence of having led or helped build a new venture 

  • A compelling and credible plan for future entrepreneurial endeavors  


Batten Innovation Scholars are not afraid of complex problems; they dare to challenge the way things have always been done. Their essays should include:  

  • Evidence of implementing new and transformative products, services, or processes at one or more organizations  

  • A plan to continue to develop their creative potential, build their repertoire of tools and techniques, and take on compelling challenges within existing or new enterprises 


Batten Technology Scholars are comfortable on the leading edge and understand how to harness technology to address critical challenges. Their essays should include:  

  • Evidence of exemplary impact developing and/or launching technologies and solutions  

  • A commitment to innovating at scale through technology in future endeavors