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Samiha Zaker

Samiha Zaker Class of 2024

Bangladesh Ask me about: Finance Club, Darden South Asian Society (DSAS), Global Business and Cultural Club (GBCC)

Financial Services
Matthew DeNunzio

Matthew DeNunzio Class of 2024

Ask me about: Darden Christian Fellowship, Golf Club, and career switching

U.S. Northeast
Financial Services
Miao Dai

Miao Dai Class of 2024

China Ask me about: Investment Banking Recruiting, Finance Club, Asia Business Club at Darden, and Hiking in Charlottesville

Financial Services
Shang Ruan

Shang Ruan Class of 2024

China Ask me about: Undergrad and working in the US prior to MBA; Engineering background in transition; Horseback riding/UVA polo

Financial Services
Dexter Moyo

Dexter Moyo Class of 2024

Zimbabwe Ask me about: Careers/Recruiting, International Students, Diversity

Financial Services
Nick Barpoulis

Nick Barpoulis Class of 2024

Ask me about: Healthcare and Life Sciences, The Darden Learning Experience, Running Routes in Charlottesville

U.S. Mid-Atlantic
Gerardo Molina Rodriguez

Gerardo Molina Rodriguez Class of 2024

Colombia Ask me about: Parents, Partners, International, Learning Team, Case Method, Professors, Dogs

Latin America/Caribbean
Yonah Greenstein

Yonah Greenstein Class of 2024

Ask me about: Consortium, "non-traditional" background, all things basketball/sports in Charlottesville and beyond

U.S. Northeast