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Mercedes Lee

Mercedes Lee Class of 2023

Ask me about: Career switching, Black Business Student Association, Darden Capital Management, Consortium, Graduate Women in Business

U.S. Mid-Atlantic
Financial Services
Megan Scott

Megan Scott Class of 2023

Ask me about: Black Business Student Association

U.S. Northeast
Financial Services
Lins Agokeng

Lins Agokeng Class of 2023

Ask me about: Comedy Club, Darden Capital Management (DCM), Real Estate

U.S. Northeast
Financial Services
Sergio Widjanarko

Sergio Widjanarko Class of 2023

Singapore Ask me about: Asia Business Club at Darden, Recruitment as international students

Financial Services
Miao Dai

Miao Dai Class of 2024

China Ask me about: Investment Banking Recruiting, Finance Club, Asia Business Club at Darden, and Hiking in Charlottesville

Financial Services
Dexter Moyo

Dexter Moyo Class of 2024

Zimbabwe Ask me about: Careers/Recruiting, International Students, Diversity

Financial Services
Jake Eichengreen

Jake Eichengreen Class of 2023

Ask me about: Starting a company while at Darden, General Management Club, Outdoors Club/Activities

U.S. West
Nick Farmer

Nick Farmer Class of 2023

Ask me about: Transition from public to private, Experience with general management or consulting recruiting

U.S. Northeast