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Myles Stroud

Myles Stroud Class of 2023

Ask me about: Darden Military Association, Military Transitions, Best Charlottesville breweries to refresh after a hike

US. Midwest
Reid Spagna

Reid Spagna Class of 2024

Ask me about: Learning Teams, Local Eats, and Darden Cup (Go Lions!)

U.S. Northeast
Aman Tomar

Aman Tomar Class of 2023

India Ask me about: Consulting Club, Darden South Asia Society, Racquet Sports, Music

Luke Heisinger

Luke Heisinger Class of 2024

Ask me about: Applying as a non-traditional candidate and building community at Darden

U.S. Northeast
Daniel Torres

Daniel Torres Class of 2023

Ask me about: Latter-day Saint Student Association, Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, Breakthrough Scholars (Private Equity/Venture Capital)

U.S. West