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Ines de Estrada

Ines de Estrada Class of 2024

Argentina Ask me about: LASA (Latin American Student Association), Where to Live in Charlottesville, International Student Community

Latin America/Caribbean
Ronil Diyora

Ronil Diyora Class of 2024

India Ask me about: Case-Study Methodology; Humans of Darden; Life as an international student

Nilo Farfan

Nilo Farfan Class of 2024

Bolivia Ask me about: Clubs, Recruiting, Life in the U.S.

Latin America/Caribbean
Ryan Widjaja

Ryan Widjaja Class of 2024

Indonesia Ask me about: I also lived in Singapore for 12+ years, Global Business & Culture Club, Asia Business Club at Darden, Consulting Club, Technology Club

Marcus Salandy-Defour

Marcus Salandy-Defour Class of 2024

Ask me about: Case studies and preparing for class

U.S. Mid-Atlantic
Transportation/Logistics Services
Ryan Haddad

Ryan Haddad Class of 2024

Ask me about: Venture Capital opportunities and leveraging prior professional experience at Darden

Middle East
Venture Capital/Private Equity
John Zwick

John Zwick Class of 2024

Ask me about: Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club, private equity, entrepreneurship through acquisition

US. Midwest
Venture Capital/Private Equity