Leading Lean Transformations

Leading Lean Transformations

Live Virtual Course

Leading Lean Transformations

Get the tools and frameworks to help your organization respond to industry disruption in the face of economically-challenging times.


Challenging times require radical business process transformations. Focus on your organization’s core purpose, streamline processes and showcase value-creating activities. In this program, you will learn to use data to drive problem-solving, get buy-in from key stakeholders and create a continuous-improvement culture. You will develop your critical thinking skills to include lean concepts plus learn how People, Processes and Purpose interrelate to create value and competitive advantage for your organization.

This three-week, virtually-hosted program includes an in-person experience option if you wish to learn alongside your cohort at our UVA Darden DC Metro location in Rosslyn, VA. Faculty will join remotely and sessions will be hosted in the afternoons to facilitate accessible attendance for all participants.

Intended For

Team Leader, Senior Management, Executive


Leadership, Operations & Supply Chain

Available Dates

2 Sep - 7 Oct 2020





3 weeks, virtual

During this three-week virtual program, you will get hands-on experience implementing Darden faculty’s original “A3” Framework for leading Lean transformations - in any function, and at all levels - across your organization. You’ll answer the four key questions that are critical for integrating strategy, innovation and customer focus, and thriving in a VUCA marketplace.

Program Schedule

Week 1:

  • 2–3 September synchronous sessions
  • Focus on the problem-solving process

Week 2:

  • 9–10 September synchronous sessions
  • Focus on people development process

Coaching will be available to participants between weeks 2 & 3.

Week 3:

  • 7 October synchronous session
  • Program project

The program format and duration provides opportunities for participants to apply their learning in real time, as well as get feedback from faculty and peers as they implement new insights.

Impact & Outcomes

As a result of completing this program, participants will be able to...

  • Understand what Lean is and how to implement Lean concepts within an organization.
  • Describe the purpose, benefits, and critical issues of continuous improvement.
  • Understand how purpose is related to the success of a Lean transformation.
  • Identify key metrics for the success of a Lean transformation.
  • Discuss the importance of monitoring and managing processes.
  • Gain buy-in from key stakeholders for transformation projects.
  • Create a Lean mindset and culture within an organization.

Lean continuously strives to improve safety, quality, flexibility, and productivity by involving all employees in problem solving every day.

Lean is not about cost cutting. Lean is transformational change on an enterprise level: identifying waste and removing it improves quality and customer service. When we teach everyone to identify waste, costs will come down and stay down.

Elliott Weiss
Oliver Wight Professor of Business Administration


This program is ideal for mid- to senior-level leaders who are responsible for leading transformations in healthcare, retail, manufacturing and service industries.



The Leading Lean Transformations program counts as one credit toward a Darden Certificate in Management. Complete this program and earn three additional credits for a total of four credits within a four-year period to earn your certificate.


Elliott Weiss

Elliott N. Weiss

Oliver Wight Professor of Business Administration

Austin English



Leading Lean Transformations will be hosted primarily online through synchronous virtual sessions. For interested participants, there will be an in-person experience option available at:

UVA Darden DC Metro
1100 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, Virginia

Materials and some meals are included in your program fee.

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Darden School Foundation.