Management Essentials for Developing Leaders

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In-Person Program

Management Essentials for Developing Leaders

For new managers or those ready to build cross-functional expertise, this program covers fundamentals in strategy, marketing, operations, finance and leadership.


Prepare for new or increasing management roles by expanding your knowledge across organizational functions.

  • Overcome the barriers that prevent emergent leaders from fully embracing their positions.
  • Connect corporate strategy, departmental goals and daily objectives.
  • Leverage lean thinking and operational efficiency to help your organization run more smoothly.

Intended For

Team Leader


Comprehensive, Management Competencies

Available Dates

3-8 May 2020


Charlottesville, VA




6 days

Program Overview

Reveal your true potential with this bootcamp-style immersion in the principles of organizational management. 

  • Review and analyze the interplay of the core components of business: finance, marketing, operations, strategy and organizational leadership.
  • Expand your perspective across organizational functions and develop the managerial habits to support new initiatives on departmental and corporate levels.
  • Gain a fundamental understanding of basic financial statements, marketing metrics, performance assessment methods and strategic business models.

Program Format


Step back from your day-to-day routine to focus on your development during our classic residential program at our Charlottesville location. You'll have the opportunity to enjoy meals with your cohort and the faculty, as well as work, network and relax with your learning team outside of the classroom.

Outcomes & Impact

  • Identify how your work adds value and develop a personal action plan that applies those insights to current challenges and sets the stage for your continued learning and development.
  • Understand interdependencies between functions and learn how to collaborate across functions to maximize effectiveness.
  • Assess performance across your team and plan targeted improvements.
  • Leverage your role as a manager to facilitate collaboration and better understanding and execution against organizational goals.


Management Essentials for Developing Leaders counts as one credit toward a Darden Certificate in Management. Complete this program, then earn three additional credits for a total of four credits to earn your certificate.


This program is designed for:

  • Managers with fewer than six years of management experience.
  • Other managerial candidates ready to expand their responsibilities and adopt a more broad-reaching managerial mindset.

It's best for those newly empowered to lead teams or business units, and high-potential individuals who want to build expertise in strategy, operations, finance and leadership.

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Elliott Weiss

Elliott N. Weiss

Oliver Wight Professor of Business Administration

Mary Margaret Frank

Mary Margaret Frank

Samuel A. Lewis Sr. Faculty Fellow and Associate Professor of Business Administration, Institute for Business in Society Academic Director

Scott Snell

Scott A. Snell

E. Thayer Bigelow Research Professor in Business Administration

Tom Steenburgh

Thomas J. Steenburgh

Richard S. Reynolds Professor of Business Administration, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Full-Time MBA Program

Location & Accommodations

Darden School of Business
100 Darden Blvd.
Charlottesville, Virginia

Lodging is provided for participants at the Darden Inn on our Grounds. Materials and some meals are also included in your program fee.

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