MBA - Area Focus Electives - Global Economies & Markets

Global Economies & Markets

The Global Economies and Markets (GEM) area applies the ideas and methodologies of economics to the analysis of the business environment in which firms operate and managers make decisions.

The objective of the First Year GEM course is to help students develop frameworks for analyzing both opportunities and risks when operating in the global business environment.

Darden also offers a variety of international opportunities in the MBA curriculum, including: Global Business Experiences, Global Field Experiences and exchange programs.

Global Economies and Markets Faculty

Alan R. Beckenstein

Alan R. Beckenstein

Robert D. Landel Distinguished Professor of Business Administration


Gaurav Chiplunkar

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Peter Debaere

Peter Debaere

Tipton R. Snavely Professor of Business Administration Chair

Ana Fostel

Ana Fostel

Associated Faculty

Kinda Hachem

Kinda Hachem

Morris Plan Associate Professor of Consumer Credit


Anton Korinek

Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, Professor, Darden School of Business

 Ayhan Kose

Ayhan Kose

Dean's Fellow


Daniel Murphy

Jung Family Associate Professor of Business Administration

Peter D. Prowitt

Senior Lecturer

Darden School of Business - Stefan Ruediger_9_1800x1800_BW_Preferred_thumbnail

Stefan Ruediger

Associate Professor

Darden School of Business_Felipe Saffie_1_1800x1800_BW_Preferred_thumbnail

Felipe Saffie

Assistant Professor of Business Administration


Bo Sun

Associate Professor of Business Administration

Frank Warnock

Francis E. Warnock

James C. Wheat, Jr. Professor of Business Administration

20151005_Veronica Warnock_1x1_BW

Veronica Cacdac Warnock

Professor of Practice, Batten Institute Fellow


Dennis T. Yang

Dale S. Coenen Free Enterprise Professor of Business Administration