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South Africa

Rising To The Challenge: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leading Change

Rising To The Challenge: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leading Change

Course Overview

In this course, students will explore: 

  • How a country's history, culture and socio-political change contributes to present-day critical challenges around sustainable economic growth. 
  • Diagnosing the gap between economic growth and demographic growth and its associated challenges
  • How innovation technologies, greater financial inclusion, and entrepreneurship can propel South Africa and its surrounding regions into sustainable growth
  • How partnership like South Africa and china play a critical role in global geopolitical alliances

Faculty Lead, James French

Courses currently listed are a sample of previous global immersion courses. Future global programs will be announced at a later date.


What Have Students Said About This Program?

"I enjoyed the diversity of experience between visiting companies, museums, townships, and the park.  This was a great well-rounded experience of the country."

"South Africa is in an interesting place in their history, both economically and culturally.  Going to South Africa helped me understand a bit more about emerging markets, their advantages and disadvantages and how businesses function in light of this.  I had a great time with my classmates and professors, and learned a lot along the way." 


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