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Black Business Student Association

The Black Business Students Association (BBSA) is open to all members of the Darden community. Our club seeks to bring together past, present and prospective African-American Darden MBAs and our allies to enrich the experience of the broader Darden community by increasing African-American cultural awareness, promoting diversity & inclusion and celebrating our culture.  We do this through: 

  • Celebrating African-American culture and sharing and educating the larger Darden community
  • Promoting early and often partnerships with all clubs and organizations at Darden to promote diversity and inclusion and expose all of Darden to the many facets of the African-American experience
  • Providing support to members through their experience here at Darden, throughout all their experiences (recruiting, classroom, adjusting to the community)
  • Serving as a main resource to our members for all aspects of their Darden experience including recruiting, academic, social, and networking.
  • Creating a safe space for all members to have open discussions about themselves

The BBSA is committed to building a strong community in and around Darden for everyone involved. We exist because of the dedication of our members and alumni and the support of Faculty & Administration at Darden. Our aim is to contribute to the overall Darden learning experience of each member, and as a group we support and encourage one another as we grow and learn as a family. 

Although this organization has members who are University of Virginia students and may have University employees associated or engaged in its activities and affairs, the organization is not a part of or an agency of the University. It is a separate and independent organization which is responsible for and manages its own activities and affairs. The University does not direct, supervise or control the organization and is not responsible for the organization’s contracts, acts or omissions.

Contact Us

[email protected]

  • Events

    The Black Business Student Association hosts a variety of events and activities throughout the year.

    • Academic Review Sessions
    • BBSA Conference
    • Big Brothers Big Sisters
    • Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser
    • Leadership Speaker Series
    • Welcome Back Event with Darden Faculty
  • Leadership Team

    We welcome prospective students to reach out to members of our leadership team to learn more about BBSA.

    • President: Emily Kelly 
    • Executive Vice President: Jesse Wilkinson
    • VP of Marketing and Communications: Stephen Mann 
    • VP of Finance: Rachel Barnes 
    • VP of Careers: Daniel Osagie 
    • VP of Events: Rotimi Ogunbiyi
    • VP of Admission & Alumni Engagement: Sarah Getachew
  • Black Students at Darden Webinar