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Darden Student Association

The Darden Student Association (DSA) is a group of students, elected by their classmates, which advocates on behalf of clubs and individuals representing the interests, concerns and desires of the student body. The DSA seeks to strengthen the fabric of the Darden Community; working to ensure that each student can realize their fullest Darden experience. The DSA represents Darden on the University Honor Committee, the University Judiciary Committee, the University Student Council, and the Graduate and Professional Council, and supports student groups including career clubs, affinity groups, and intramural sports. DSA seeks to represent all students of the residential MBA program.

The Darden Student Association organizes key community and social events throughout the academic year that are funded by student dues. For incoming students, more information about these events and estimated due costs can be found on the admitted student portal.

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Leadership Team

We welcome prospective students to reach out to members of our leadership team to learn more about the Darden Student Association.

  • President: Vincent Truong

  • Executive VP: Jill Howland

  • VP of Leadership: Rebecca Gullickson

  • VP of International Student Affairs: Franccesco Ormeno

  • VP of Social (1 of 2): Carolina Diaz

  • VP of Social (2 of 2): Evelyn Kahihu

  • VP of Careers & Sponsorship: Ashwin Mathew

  • VP of Communications: Nicole Puccini

  • VP of Darden Cup: Nini Ratto Schol

  • VP of Finance: Selina Okpo

  • VP of Outreach: Jack Alexander

  • VP of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: Bethany Garbee-Coles

  • VP of Honor (1 of 2): Michael Sirh

  • VP of Honor (2 of 2): Suleiman Abdulkadir

  • University Judiciary Committee Rep (1 of 2): Elizabeth Rawlings

  • University Judiciary Committee Rep (2 of 2): Tripp Grant

  • Student Council Representative: Ellie Marsh