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Consulting Club

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The Consulting Club is a student run organization with the primary goal of informing the Darden Community on the opportunities available in the consulting industry and then providing interested students with the resources and assistance necessary to fulfill these opportunities.

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[email protected]

  • Events

    The Consulting Club hosts a variety of events and activities throughout the year to help students learn more about the consulting industry and prepare for the recruiting process. Students will have access to several resources, presentations and workshops including:  

    • Consulting Industry Panels
    • Networking 101
    • Resume & Cover Letter Reviews
    • Consulting Conference
    • Professional Case Interview Workshops
    • Mock Case Interview Sessions
    • Internship Preparation Workshops
  • Leadership Team

    We welcome prospective students to reach out to members of our leadership team to learn more about the Consulting Club.

    • President: Marina Stam

    • VP of Education: Jeremy HalversenPrateek Palled

    • VP of Finance and Sponsorship: John McCluskey

    • VP of Communication: Jade Kimpson

    • VP of Events: Claudia ShermanPriya Afzalpurkar

    • VP of International: Santosh Hossale

    • VP of Admissions: Allison Mueller

  • Current Sponsors

    Thank you to all of our company sponsors who support our mission and make all of our events possible.

    • Deloitte
    • EYP
    • Accenture
    • Alix Partners
    • PWC
    • Oliver Wyman
    • BCG
    • Bain
    • McKinsey
    • Liberty Mutual
    • TechDynamism
    • ZS Associates